Monday, June 24, 2013

The Veggies are Back

Hey there Veggie Heads! I've been missing in action for a few months with LOTS going on. A lot of things have changed...but fear not, my love of veggies remains the same :) Among the biggest changes are that I started at a new job and I no longer have a Man Friend... I have a fiance!! That's right folks, this veggie lovin' bride-to-be is looking for a caterer in the Bangor area and I need suggestions! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's focus on today and what we had for dinner.

Like many woman (I like to think I'm not alone in this), I'm afraid of the grill and am quite content with not learning how to use it. Call it silly, lazy, or a shameless attempt to get some help cooking dinner but I'm pretty sure I will always ask for assistance with firing it up.

...and fire it up we did with this grilled pizza! Portland Pie's Beer dough, garlic, olive oil, tomato, rainbow chard from our farm share, vidalia onion, basil from my small ( and frankly pathetic) basil plant and some cheese.  

We got off to a shaky start with the dough as it shrunk way down when I first put it onto the grill. Things don't always go as planned but you have to ADAPT in the kitchen, at the grill and I guess in life! I ran to the kitchen got a big spatula and smooshed it back into the full size pizza it was destined to be. Voila! 



Grilled pizza will be added to the summer menu rotation for sure. It was fab! I plan to pick blogging back up slowly and hope to get a couple posts up a week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Looks tasty! When you have a chance , please share those wonderful fish tacos. Welcome back, bride-to-be. Nan