About Me & Mainely Veggies

I'm Andrea, and every day I try to find new ways to keep meals interesting, healthy, simple, and most importantly delicious! I have no formal training, I am just a home cook, from a family of home cooks.  I live with my meat-eating boyfriend who loves trying new things too.  He doesn't even mind that I feed him mainly veggies!

Mainely Veggie Mission:

I started Mainely Veggies in the hopes of teaching my friends how easy it is to cook healthy, balanced (meat free) meals on a daily basis.  Making food from scratch doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort, just a few stable ingredients and a lot of creativity.  I very rarely spend more than 30 minutes on dinner, and five to ten minutes for breakfast or lunch.  I buy mostly all-natural, whole foods and try to keep my kitchen fully stocked with all of my favorite ingredients so that the next creation is right at my finger tips!